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Available on Windows, Android, Apple devices


Ombi is an add-on for Plex

Server that lets users requests TV show & movies

An admin can mark a request when filled

A notification is sent to requestor once the item has been added




Installing the Ombi server

    • Download Ombifrom GitHub and extract to a folder on your hard drive like C:\Ombi
    • Run the Ombi file. If the command prompt shows success you should be able to access on port 5000

Installing the Ombi app on a phone or other device

    • Download the Ombi app for whatever device you're using
    • Open a web browser and log into Ombi on that device. Should be http://<YourOmbiServerIP>:5000
    • Click on Settings / Account area and then click the Open in App button
    • It should fill the settings fields in the Ombi app




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