How to Request Movies or TV Shows
Click the request button above (or go to:

Enter your Plex username and password (check the remember me option if you don't want to enter that every time).

Choose either TV or Movies, then use the search field to find anything by a particular name.

The search results with automatically appear below the search.

If you find something you want click the Request button. If you want ideas, click the suggestions button on the right of the search bar to see things that are popular, new, or coming soon.

Whenever your request gets added to the Plex Server you will get a push notification on your phone that it's available.

Useful Links (You can bookmark them or type in your web browser) The home page for the Plex Server View the Plex library in your web browser Search for and request movies or TV shows View the help page
Amazon Fire TV - Setup Instructions
Download and open the Plex app from the Amazon store.

Create a Plex account at and login into your Plex account on the Fire TV.

Scroll down to Settings and make sure Server 1 is selected for the server.

Select the option for it to remember you so you don't have to log in every time.

TIP: If your Amazon Fire TV freezes you can reboot it. Hold the select and play buttons together at the same time for 5 seconds or unplug it.

Your Plex Username and Password

Please don't share your Plex username and password with anyone else (even if it's family members or good friends).

Your account is unique to you and things are tracked by IP address, device type, etc. You can and will be banned if it's ever found out that you've shared your login credentials with anyone else.

If you forget your password be careful because, as a safety feature, the Plex server bans the IP address of anyone who enters the wrong password 5 times in a row.


Trakt is a free website that can track every TV show and movie you ever watch. You can also see what is trending and it will put the shows you watch on a calendar that shows when new episodes air.

I have it synced with the Plex server so whenever something is watched on the Plex it logs it on Trakt.

For more info and pictures: Click Here

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